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I could not be more thrilled to share that Hyland has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Perceptive business unit of the Lexmark Enterprise Software division of Lexmark International, Inc. during the third quarter of 2017.
The Perceptive portfolio assets in the transaction include Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow), Perceptive Capture (formerly Brainware), Acuo VNA, PACSGEAR, Claron, Nolij, Saperion, Pallas Athena, ISYS and Twistage.
If you’re a Perceptive portfolio customer or partner, hello! We’re happy you’re here. We have long admired the people and technology of Perceptive and we’re delighted to welcome you into the Hyland family. The combination of our well-aligned product portfolios will provide tremendous benefit to you.
If you’re a Hyland customer or partner, these are exciting times as we expand our portfolio of solutions, and we’re thankful for your business.
As we look to the future, I’m confident that Hyland will be incredibly well positioned to continue to do the important work of digitally transforming businesses across the globe. When I think about the opportunities to extend our current solutions, I’m particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities in clinical healthcare and higher education.
And there’s one thing I want to make clear to you, our new customers and partners – I am personally committed to your success and I’m not alone in that promise. My commitment to you is backed by more than 2,200 Hylanders around the globe who are ready to get to work collaborating with the outstanding professionals of Perceptive in supporting your solutions.
Since 1991, it’s been our mission to help our employees, customers and partners exceed their potential. We believe Hylanders can accomplish anything when they have the freedom to innovate, be creative and embrace the future. That, and an intense dedication to our core values, is what our company was founded on, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.
It’s a great time to be part of the next chapter of the Hyland story and we’re grateful for the vital role you play. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Bill Priemer
President and CEO


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Open letter to Perceptive and Hyland customers and partners