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Here at Hyland, the components that we take the most pride in are our people and our relationships.

One of our strongest assets after those, is our ability to promote residual value in our solutions. Our software technology platform is built upon a modular and configurable methodology that enables us to easily, extremely cost effectively meet the needs of our customers who share resources, especially in areas like HR or Finance.

Our industry-leading integration strengths with systems including PeopleSoft, Workday, Banner, Colleague, Jenzabar and even homegrown solutions enable us to build solutions faster and more cost effective in scale than anyone. Our configurable solutions inherent with our basic client offering consistently promote efficiency and happiness, even in areas like Human Resources that might not be the first on the list for IT dollars.

It is possible to transform business processes with small adjustments.

Simple changes, like making scanned employee files available through automated OnBase Folders frees staff from time-consuming tasks, and allows them to focus that time on those they serve. For example, how different would it be if an HR staff member could be assured that every I9 is on file for an employee at a glance? Or during an EOM or EOY audit, if the auditor could sit at a workstation and find complete, secure access to the financial files they need, without having to request paper documents from staff? When compliance is easier, everyone is happier.

Happier, more productive employees are also more engaged and invested as they see the success of their efforts. It lends to better collaboration, further optimization and a true sense of community that strengthens and supports future endeavors.

We understand how to harness the power of community because we’ve seen it work for 25 years, and we are here for you.

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