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You have the data you need to help students succeed. You likely have most, if not all of the paperwork, too. It’s simply that the data and the paper forms that supply it are often not where you expect them to be when you need them. A form you are looking for might be in the hands of another department who needs that information, too. Or the SIS checklist might not have been updated yet with the latest information of the student who is on the other end of your phone call. 

What if automation speeded scanning or capturing that data, updating that checklist and moving that data to the SIS? And staff were confident that all data received at the institution is available when, and from where they need it? 

We understand how to capture critical data and documents and make them available to anyone who needs them, when they need them in whatever system they are using; simultaneously with others who are also using them, in a review process, in an approval transaction.

Our integration capabilities with your SIS and ERP solutions—including PeopleSoft, Workday, Banner, Colleague and Jenzabar among others—extend to automated Workflow and case management solutions.

We connect data from disparate systems in a way that is unparalleled. Our automation uses E-forms and OCR capabilities that remove time-consuming data-entry, and securely updates your systems, eliminating that burden from your staff.

And ensuring you are protecting your SIS as your system of record.

We also have discrete services including Conversion Services and Imaging Services, that can step in and help you convert your data if you are migrating from one ECM system to another, or need some help getting large volumes of paper documents scanned quickly. 

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